Day 14 (14 July 2010) – Bastille Day

I have to admit, for us Bastille Day ended up not being a big deal. Understandably, shops and many restaurants were closed so we chose to make it a quiet day inside. Given that it’s been extremely windy and we awoke to a downpour, staying inside was downright sensible!

A little after 8pm the four of us went for a long walk. The weather had cleared and we were curious to find out what the nightlife might be like on the holiday. We walked to “centre ville” (the center of town) and back, through the older section where some incredible buildings exist and then experimented with a different route home, trusting our directional instincts. We did quite well. Chloe & Ella appreciated this red door we discovered on a side street so I snapped the picture.

Oh, given the national holiday nature of the day and it coming 10 days after the comparable one in the U.S., I made hamburgers for dinner. Ella, our hamburger expert, graded them a C.