Day 18 (18 July 2010) – The Beach

(First, as expected, getting Internet access in Pornichet has proven difficult. I’m paying to get about 15 minutes of access each day from the lobby of our hotel so those of you hoping for updates via email, Facebook or Skype will need to wait until August. Meanwhile, I’ll try to post here to the blog as regularly as I can.)

Many of my blog posts make reference to us walking. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that without a car, to get places you either need to walk or use other forms of transportation. Walking is easy enough in the summer and, truthfully, I’m loving being out on foot. But things change as the need arises.

For instance, today we walked from our hotel in Pornichet, which is a fair distance from the town itself, to the beach. Chloe said it took us 90 minutes to get from Point A to Point B, including a stop at a store for some beach towels. In the summer sun and factoring in some awkward streets for walking, it was quite a hike. But we made it and found the beach. Frankly, the beach is incredible, complete with the softest sand I can remember and acres of space. Chloe admitted she was in heaven and announced her plan to return every day of our stay here.

After several hours in the sun and one excursion into the Atlantic, we started our walk back. We were all pretty tired by the time we got to the hotel and Melinda was suffering from some kind of foot bruise. So herein is the arisen need that will dictate a change in transportation mode. Tomorrow we’ll either bike or find some kind of motorized transport.

Today’s photo was taken just as we arrived at the beach, the girls being the foreground for a slight view of the beachfront. After taking this photo, we walked around to the area just over Chloe’s right shoulder beyond the boats and placed our towels. Not bad.