Day 23 (23 July 2010) – Pornichet Library

I’m connected to the Internet for free at the Pornichet Library, or what is called the Médiathèque. The open hours are a little strange, and that’s coming from someone who lives in Seattle and has to deal with the Seattle Public Library’s crazy hours. For instance, the library opened today at 3:30pm and closes at 6:30pm. There were several people, like me, waiting outside to get in. It was a good thing I was 15 minutes early. You see, Melinda & I biked into town from our apartment and then continued on up the beach in the bike lane (she kept going, I turned around to head back to the library). With my laptop in a pack on my back, by the time I got to the library my shirt was soaked. It was nice to have a few minutes to cool down and let my shirt dry.

I’ve been connected for about an hour and used that time to do all the important things I haven’t done in a week – catch up on the sports news, especially the Mariners (they score 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th only to lose in 13?). The girls stayed at the apartment, Chloe sunning herself by the pool and Ella relaxing inside. Now I think it’s time to rendez-vous with Melinda and get a late afternoon drink before taking a dip in the pool. Tough stuff, I know.