Day 24 (24 July 2010) – The New Racetrack

Well, I hate to admit but it’s true. Clearly, we’ve come to Pornichet a year early. Imagine my excitement a little more than a week ago when Melinda suggested Pornichet as our destination for the two weeks preceding our moving in to our home in Nantes, especially after learning I did a thorough review of Pornichet online, thorough enough, that is, to learn there is a racetrack in town. I even found the track’s website and was under the impression that live racing would be taking place! Even more exciting, after our arrival in Pornichet and the renting of the bikes, I learned that the racetrack was only a 5 minute ride from our apartment!!

So I ventured out to the racetrack, ready to get all the information I needed to attend a day of racing. What I discovered was a construction site. Indeed, as my photo shows, the racetrack in Pornichet is undergoing a serious remodeling and won’t be open until next year. I’m a year early. But that doesn’t stop me from imagining what things will be like from this vantage point a year from now. “And down the stretch they come…” I wonder what that sounds like in French.

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