Day 26 (26 July 2010) – Oysters at the Pornichet Market

So Melinda and I went on our own into town late this morning. Chloe was anxious to go to the beach so we didn’t intend to take a lot of time, but we did want to stop at the bakery recommended to us by the Boudeau’s friends and do a quick tour of the Pornichet Market. Little did we know that on our tour we’d find an oyster bar! So try to picture yourselves in France with your sweetie on a sunny summer day in July, in a beautiful little town along the Atlantic, inside a brightly lit market full of fresh seafood, fruits & vegetables, and you find an oyster bar. Your children are awaiting your return. What are you to do? Hurry back home? We ordered 6 oysters (huitres) and 2 small glasses of Chardonnay, of course, and had our picture taken by the salty French server.

By the way, it turned out that we didn’t have sardines yesterday as those desired weren’t available. We did sample andouillette, however, grilled along with some absolutely delicious artisan sausages. You may be more familiar with andouillette by the name of tripe or, as in our case, French pig colon. Melinda loved it and gobbled it up. Me, not quite the same. Laurent was gracious enough to finish my portion.