Day 25 (25 July 2010) – Siblings in the Pool

Now from a title such as this on a blog such as mine, the understandable assumption is that this posting would be about Chloe & Ella in the pool. Alas, no. Here is a photo of Romain & Manon Boudeau in the pool. I think it captures siblings quite well. The obvious love and affection these two feel for each other is written all over Manon’s face. Clearly, Romain has been nothing but a thoughtful and supportive big brother. Some things, like sibling affection, are clearly universal.

The Boudeaus arrived in Pornichet yesterday for the weekend, having good friends who, as it turns out, live just seconds from our apartment and along our common bike route. Last night we all went to the nearby town of La Baule which has quite a bit more nightlife than Pornichet. The girls got ice cream at midnight with four other teens and got to walk along the beach. We adults sipped cocktails in an outdoor café. Today, in fact in just a few minutes, we are all heading to the friends’ house to eat, as I understand it, sardines. Um… Where’s Nic Warmenhoven when you need him… First I need to get all the siblings out of the pool.