Day 28 (28 July 2010) – Cheese For Dessert

So yesterday Melinda and I took a more typical French lunch, sitting for 2 hours in a restaurant in Pornichet and having a multi-course meal. We ordered from a menu that was posted on a board outside the restaurant, having multiple choices in each of three courses. We tried different things and shared, and the first course was excellent. Melinda had a salad and a piece of toasted bread with melted french cheese. I had prawns. Melinda chose salmon for her second course, prepared with a flaky pastry covering and which was quite tasty. I opted for the steak which wasn’t nearly as good. Melinda asked me what was I expecting, ordering steak in a coastal town. Fair point. For dessert Melinda had ice cream while I ordered cheese. Boy was I surprised when the server wheeled out a huge cart of cheeses and asked me to choose. I asked for her recommendations and she seemed a bit unsure what to tell me, ultimately suggesting some of each. What a variety and what a way to end a meal.

Today’s photo is of the server with the cheese cart. Melinda thinks it somehow completes a trilogy of blog postings, beginning with the oysters of two days ago. I don’t know what she’s talking about. Oysters, followed by me thinking a fire hydrant is sexy, and then a picture of our server. I’ll have to think on it. I will say that two hours with this server wasn’t such a bad thing, even if the steak wasn’t great.