Day 34 (3 August 2010) – I’m Somebody!

One of the greatest movies ever, in my important opinion, is The Jerk starring Steve Martin. Remember that scene when the new phonebook arrives at his first-ever home? He excitedly tears through the pages looking for his name and when he finds it he shouts, “I’m somebody!” Seeing his name in print like that provided the character, Navin, some important validation.

Today I know just how Navin feels because today I got mail at our France address. An honest to goodness envelope addressed to me. And inside was my Tan pass. What’s the Tan, you may be asking, some sort of French skin darkener that comes by mail? No, but, hey, I would be interested in that, too (I’ll keep an eye on the cool French infomercials). It’s my pass to ride the outstanding Nantes public transportation system, that’s what! We’ve got buses and trams here that make getting around ever so easy. And see that card down at the bottom of the letter? That’s it, my Tan pass, good until next July. I am now permitted to travel anywhere in Nantes by public transportation.

I’m somebody in Nantes!