Day 33 (2 August 2010) – Where’s Andy?

I’m standing just outside of our front door, that’s where. Geez, I thought this would be a lot easier than finding Waldo but maybe not. See me? I’m waving my hat to try to get your attention. Maybe you can see me better if you click on the picture. Go on, give that a try.

Okay, so that’s our front door, like I said, to my immediate left. Above me, yes, that’s a balcony and directly above the front door are the French doors to Ella’s room. Speaking of French doors, technically, aren’t all doors in France French doors? And if you eat at a McDonald’s in France would you be eating French food?

Oh, sorry…

Those are the “French doors” to Chloe’s room in the upper left of the photo and directly below that to my right are the “French doors” to the office where I now sit typing this (in case you couldn’t find me at this moment).