Day 38 (7 August 2010) – Nantes Bibliothèques

Yesterday Melinda & I took another big step to establishing ourselves as residents of Nantes. We got everyone library cards! In preparation, on Thursday Ella & I walked to the nearby library branch (it’s a little more than a half mile away) and talked to a librarian who gave us all the information and paperwork we needed to get the cards. It cost 9 Euros each for Melinda’s and my cards, and the girls’ cards were free. With them, we can check out a limited number of items. If we paid more, we could check out more items but that didn’t seem necessary. Oh, you history buffs will appreciate knowing that the first public library in Nantes opened in 1753, a few years before the first one in Seattle.

Anyway, this morning I took the temporary bus (the tram line in our neighborhood is getting updated) to the local branch, having connected to the Nantes library system online last night and finding the local branch had a copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s “The Sirens of Titan”. I snapped this photo just before pulling it off the shelf to check it out, along with a French DVD and CD. I’ve ordered a used English language version of the book from Amazon’s French site, and am hoping it will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I plan to compare the two as part of my French language practice. In fact, I registered with eBay’s French site and just “won” a French copy of “Slaughterhouse Five” for the same purpose.

So, yes, I’ve got the Vonnegut thing covered. Next up, Tom Waits.