Day 41 (10 August 2010) – Yes, This is a New Picture

In fact, I took it less than two hours ago. And, yes, that’s Melinda down on all fours working on the installation of a hardwood floor. Next to her is our absolutely lovely neighbor in Nantes, Christine. Christine and her husband Bernard are remodeling their house. Christine happens to be an American (so she speaks English). Start adding things up – around the corner is an American woman remodeling her house. Where else would you expect to find Melinda?

It gets better. Christine’s 13 year-old son, Théo, is at this very moment in the pool with Ella. He goes to the school Ella will be attending and is, in fact, the person who has volunteered to help get her to and from school each day and show her around. And in case you haven’t added it ALL up, given Théo’s mom is American, he, too, is fluent in English.

Yeah, it’s been a pretty good day in Nantes, all things considered.