Day 42 (11 August 2010) – 21st Century Communication

I’ll probably have several posts over the year that make reference to Skype. It’s just really an amazing thing to be able to be in France and have a live-time video conversation with someone in Seattle and it not break the bank. In fact, if you don’t count the Internet costs, it’s free. Who am I, George Jetson?

Today’s photo was actually taken a couple of nights ago when Melinda was chatting with her mom, Michele, on Skype. At about the same time I took a cellphone call from Chloe who is in the midst of spending the week with a group of new French friends in the city of Royan. Chloe & I have spent more time texting than chatting, from which I learned they’ve twice been to a French disco, each time staying quite late. The group is sharing an apartment and the cost of meals, as well as taking turns making them. Man, to be 17 again and in France for a year…

Anyway, Melinda held the cellphone, which was on speakerphone, closer to the computer so Chloe and Michele could say hi to each other. I quickly snapped the picture.