Day 44 (13 August 2010) – Chloe’s Back!

No, I hear you saying, that’s not a picture of Chloe’s back. That’s a picture of some people’s feet! Okay, okay. Allow me to explain.

We all just returned from the Nantes train station, Melinda, Ella & I having gone there to meet Chloe who spent the last week in Royan. So you see, today’s photo is a close-up of Ella and Melinda as they stood waiting for the arrival of Chloe’s train at the station. The family resemblance is remarkable.

While waiting we discovered we could actually meet the train at its assigned track. This experience took Melinda and me back to the days when you could go all the way to the gate at the airport to meet people when they arrived. We spotted Chloe as the train slowly moved past us and were able to hustle to a spot so we’d be the first people she saw as she got off.

Expect some kind of summary of Chloe’s experience in Royan to show up on her blog. I’m glad she’s back, and that Melinda and Ella have such nice feet.