Day 43 (12 August 2010) – Accept Every Offer

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with Ella about how to cultivate opportunities in life. One suggestion I like is the “accept every offer” lesson. You learn this in improv and I think it applies to life in general, within reason. If you want to consider this idea further, check out the Presentation Zen blog, one of my favorites.

So I was waiting for the bus relay outside the library today and this man came and sat next to me. He saw I had a Michael Moore DVD in my hands and started up a conversation. We talked about Michael Moore, George Bush (both of them), Charlton Heston, schools, families and more, all in French. He even let me take this picture of us at the bus stop. We sat next to each other on the bus and after hearing my difficulty pronouncing R’s in French (I told him my Ricard story), he invited me over to his house for a pastis tonight. Considering my conversation with Ella, I accepted and just a few minutes ago returned home.

What did I get? I had a lovely 90 minute French immersion lesson with my new friend Michel, his wife, and, for the last 15 minutes or so, his wife’s daughter from her first marriage. They were so, so kind and generous. I told Melinda that I felt a bit like her father, Dwight. One of Dwight’s great gifts in life is to accept offers like this.

So this Ricard is toasted to you, Dwight!