Day 47 (16 August 2010) – Inside the House

The house we are living in is truly spectacular. If you’ve followed the blog recently you know it has an outdoor pool (Chloe was making use of this particular feature just a couple of hours ago). But it has more than that. There are 5 bedrooms, all upstairs, 4 of which we have access to, and 4 bathrooms. The living room is quite large and comes with a huge TV. Add in the dining room, kitchen and basement, and it starts to feel like a mansion, making me feel a little like Jed Clampett upon his arrival in Beverly. Hills, that is.

Today’s photo is from the “master bathroom.” I challenge you to make sense of it. To help, let me tell you that there are multiple mirrors and two sinks. And, oh, I took the picture myself by holding the camera away from my body. I decided on the tooth brushing theme to give the photo an action feel, much like those Topps sports cards in the 70’s. You know, “Tommie Agee in Action.”