Day 48 (17 August 2010) – The Latest Cheeseburger

Last night Ella and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Part of our discussion was about where we should next go on our quest for the best cheeseburger in Nantes. We settled on trying Quick for today’s lunch, clearly a fast food restaurant. Click here for a Google street view of the place we went. If you are savvy enough with your mouse, you can even walk up and down the street. To see the way we arrived (on foot), keep clicking on the right arrow for Rue Crébillon.

The expert ordered a Bacon-Cheeseburger (Melinda wasn’t with us this time). It came with two patties and a longer bun, kind of like a Hoagie roll. It had what looked like Thousand Island dressing-style “secret sauce” along with the patties, cheese and bacon. Ella liked it well enough, would eat another in the future, but said it was really nothing special. The service was excellent, however. The line moved quickly and the young woman who served us was efficient and worked with me on the communication thing.

Those of you in Seattle interested in good burgers should read this article from Crosscut, the online magazine started by David Brewster, formerly of The Weekly. Ella and I chatted about it last night and know we’ll have some catching up to do in Seattle next year..