Day 49 (18 August 2010) – A Nice Person

I like people. I really like nice people. Add in kind and I’m over the top. Remember my French baker girlfriend who told me the pain au chocolat was hot and could burn my tongue? And what a smile.

Well, today I’m introducing you to my latest French hero. She didn’t necessarily save my life but she contributed to it being so much easier than it might have been. You see, a little over a week ago, after regular banking hours, I was using my brand new French credit card in an ATM, trying to make a cash deposit into our French bank account. There were so many things I was trying to do simultaneously that I forgot my card for a minute in the machine. As a safety measure, apparently, if you don’t retrieve your card in a certain amount of time the ATM gobbles it up. And that’s what happened to mine. I was quite upset with myself. We had worked hard to get these cards and they were going to make our lives easier. Now mine was gone and who knows what efforts it would take to get it back.

When the banks next opened I went in to the branch where the ATM was located and was greeted by this young woman with her warm smile. To boot, she speaks English. To boot further, she had my card in an envelope with my name on it on her desk. I could have kissed her (which may not have been that odd here in France, who knows).

Yesterday I went back to the branch on another errand and there she was. Not only did she remember me, she remembered my name. And she has such a nice way of saying Monsieur Smallman. Silly me, I didn’t get her name.