Day 60 (29 August 2010) – Les Rendez-vous de l’Erde

The Les Rendez-vous de l’Erde, the jazz musical festival, in Nantes is quite the party. The last weekend in August the city of Nantes throws a huge party that pretty much occupies all of what is called Centre-Ville (the town center). Streets are closed and people come from miles away. There is no cost for any of the performances and you just walk from stage to stage. It’s like Folk Life and Bumbershoot in Seattle, but even bigger. The party is the last big bash of the summer before what is called La rentrée, the big return to school from summer break for the kids and the big return to work from the August vacations for the adults.

Today’s photo is from our trip to the festival last night. We were crossing the river and I was taken by the incredible spectacle. I asked Ella to pose by the side of the bridge and was delighted when Chloe agreed to join her. You can see some of the people packed along the water’s edge but that’s just a fraction of how many were there. On the subject of the music, our favorite last night was China Moses, the daughter of Dee Dee Bridgewater and who sang classics like “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby” and “Cry Me a River.” At one point Melinda & I looked at each other and wished PSCS staff member Liana Green was with us.

Earlier today we went back and were quite taken by “One Leg” Toad, so much so that I bought their CD and am listening to it as I type this up. And Melinda & I are heading back later tonight to meet up with Laurent & Frédérique and to be part of the fun on closing night.

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