Day 61 (30 August 2010) – Catch-Up Day

After a long weekend of soccer games and jazz festivals, I fell a little bit behind on one of my sabbatical projects, that of expanding on and writing about the online kindness classes I’ve facilitated since PSCS began in 1994. I’ve designed three such classes that I’m facilitating from France this fall, and spent much of the day today working to promote them. You can learn about each of the classes, and even sign up to participate if you’d like to, at their respective class sites:
Practice of Kindness
Kindness Blessings
Kindness Theme of the Week

Melinda & I also took time to accompany Chloe to the University of Nantes where she is hoping to enroll in a French class. We had our trusty translator Romain with us, thank goodness. For now, Chloe is on a waiting list to get in.

Today’s photo is actually a couple of weeks old. I’ve keep it in a queue of my favorite French photos and decided to unveil it today. It’s a close-up of Ella with Melinda being reflected in Ella’s sunglasses. We were all being a little silly at the time and I rushed in close to Ella and quickly snapped the picture, not sure what would come out. Some of my best pictures are taken this way….

Your thoughts?

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