Day 62 (31 August 2010) – Room 222

At the risk of embarrassing myself… Wait, no, I’m not really concerned about that. Let me start over. At the risk of embarrassing my family, I submit today’s post. Today when the mail arrived I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. A DVI cable came that I had ordered from UK that I hoped would allow me to connect my laptop to the large screen TV in our house. I had done extensive Internet research to find the cable I thought I would need, and searched for it at several shops in Nantes without luck. Anyway, like I said, it arrived today.

Before saying more, I have to acknowledge this “disease” I have. I love old American TV shows, especially those from my youth. And before leaving for France, I literally spent hours and hours over several months digitizing DVDs and storing them on an external hard drive with the hope I could hook my laptop to the TV here and watch them. I even brought along the cable we use with our TV at home, just in case it would work (no luck, obviously), taking up valuable suitcase weight-space that could have been used for clothes.

As I hope you can see from the photo, the cable worked (!) and at approximately 11am this morning I took a break from reviewing the exciting onslaught of emails I am receiving about the kindness class offerings to watch the program “Room 222.” In this episode, Jason thinks the school guidance counselor is romantically interested in him and gives her a present. What a misunderstanding! Thank goodness Mr Dixon is there to help clean up the mess.

Really, I’m not embarrassed.

Your thoughts?

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