Day 66 (4 September 2010) – Steve Sarkisian’s Summer Home?

Just like the adults in France, it’s time for Steve Sarkisian to go back to work. So it was no surprise when I walked by this house in the outskirts of Nantes, which you can clearly see from the photograph must belong to Steve Sarkisian, that it was being shuttered up for the fall American football season (you have to refer to it as American football over here or people think you’re talking about a different, more elegant sport). You can see Sark’s French car in the lower right. You’ll have to trust me that it was loaded with Husky gear and some good French mojo (wine, perhaps?).

Now I don’t want you all thinking that I’m some big football fan, oops, I mean American football fan, let alone that of the college variety. But walking past this house did get me thinking about the sport, especially since its colors made it stick out so uniquely on the block. Add in that the Huskies play their first game today and it almost seemed I was destined to write this post.

Ranked in the Top 25? That’s something to behold. Mike Quamma, this post is for you.

Your thoughts?

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