Day 67 (5 September 2010) – Senator, That’s No Cheeseburger

But it is an amazing thing all the same. More on what Ella has in her hands in a second.

We had a lovely dinner last night at the home of some neighbors. John, the father & husband, is from Scotland (and therefore speaks English) but has lived in France for over 20 years. Ann-Marie, mother and wife, is French and absolutely delightful. Together they are co-parenting three children, two teenage boys, Alexandre and Benoit, from Ann-Marie’s first marriage, and their 11 year-old daughter Céline. Their family is lovely and generous. Among their many acts of generosity for us include having loaned us bikes for some of our trips around town.

So back to this picture. When we arrived John got out a big bag containing a bunch of small bags of chips (what he calls crisps) of all varieties. He went on to explain that there were commemorative flavors made for each of the countries competing in the World Cup, the flavor for the United States being “American Cheeseburger,” of course. My goofy self got the best of me and I insisted on taking a picture of Ella with a bag. Frankly, they were pretty good, too.

For those of you wanting to know, here are some other “country flavors:” Argentina – Flame Grilled Steak; Brazil – Salsa; Spain – Chicken Paella; Japan – Teriyaki Chicken; South Africa – Sweet Chutney; Italy – Spaghetti Bolognese; France – Garlic Baguette; England – Yorkshire Pudding; Australia – BBQ Kangaroo

And here’s a little American history for those of you confused by today’s post’s heading (and an explanation for anyone who has ever heard Melinda or me refer to the other as “Senator”).

Your thoughts?

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