Day 69 (7 September 2010) – Update on the Babysitter Americaine I

Let me start with the extremely, extremely exciting news. In just the last hour Chloe learned that she has been accepted into the foreign exchange student program at the University of Nantes! This is a huge thing, one that last week seemed doubtful due to her spot on the waiting list. She actually starts taking classes tomorrow and will be in school 18 hours per week. She’ll have a UN ID card and everything!

Continuing with news on the Chloe front, last night she prepared several flyers for distribution around Nantes advertising her services as a babysitter. She had help from Christine with the text and then worked on her own to add photos. Bess & Vehd, I hope you are pleased to learn that your likenesses are being displayed on flyers in France. I think this makes you both internationally famous. The flyers look good, likely due to Bess & Vehd more than anything else, as I hope you can see in the photo.

Today Chloe posted several of flyers, asking for permission to do so at places like bakeries. She was lucky to have wonderful help from a young woman named Carole who has been living next door for the last few weeks of the summer, the niece of our neighbors. I can’t understate the value it has been to us to have someone accompany us on excursions like this, acting both as guide and translator. Carole was so helpful that Chloe, at this very minute, is baking her a thank you gift.

2 thoughts on “Day 69 (7 September 2010) – Update on the Babysitter Americaine I

  1. This is a dream of a lifetime! Vehd is famous! Now we can retire! Jokes apart … It’s so cool that Chloe is babysitting in Nantes.

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