Day 70 (8 September 2010) – My New Friend Elisa

Meet Elisa, 9 year-old daughter of Annabelle and cousin to Romain & Manon. Annabelle had arranged with Chloe for her to watch Elisa today since Elisa did not have school. But Chloe got accepted yesterday at the University of Nantes and had to go register this morning and even had her first class this afternoon. So poor Elisa got to hang out with me for a good part of the day. Here is what we did.

When she arrived I was responding to the 20+ emails I received overnight about the kindness classes (very exciting) and outlining my article for the Random Acts of Kindness website. So she watched a little of the movie High School Musical 3 that we found here in the house. After that, we made a couple of smoothies in the Magic Bullet I bought on the French eBay site before grabbing the soccer ball and heading for the infield at the Hippodrome. Let me just say that once there Elisa schooled me on the finer points of French footwork. Now nearing lunchtime and Ella’s expected return time home, we walked back to the house.

Upon Ella’s arrival the three of us took on the 30+ minute walk to McDonalds. Elisa was proud, I think, to show off her French prowess when ordering, especially next to mine. Somehow I managed to order, or at least was presented, with some extra food. Let me just say that Elisa didn’t seem to mind having to eat a McFlurry. I took this picture on our return trip, Elisa following Ella’s lead, just before Elisa politely said, “Anglais,” referring to me, to the woman who asked me directions. Back at home she sat with Ella while Ella did some homework and then when Chloe got back they made cookies.

Smoothie + McFlurry + Cookies. That can’t be such a bad day for a 9 year-old, right?

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