Day 75 (13 September 2010) – Those Lazy Hazy Crazy (Late) Days of Summer

Just where did July go? He was right here just a minute ago…

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with September. I love the freshness of the mornings, a bit chilly but with a hint of the warmth that will come later in the day. Combined with the recent memory of the hottest days of summer, it’s easy to wander back there in my mind. Then there is always a sadness in September at the demise of summer, what becomes the “hate” part of the relationship (although I admit that “hate” is too strong of a word). As a kid, it was going back to school and how July always seemed so long ago.

I accompanied Ella on her tram-ride to school today and then walked back home. It’s about a 30 minute walk and I loved every step. I started with both a long sleeve shirt and a jacket (my Firefox jacket, Tracy!) but soon tied the jacket around my waist as I warmed up. I could see my breath if I breathed hard. Refreshing!

I actually took this picture last Friday although it could just as easily have been taken today. I was standing on the sidewalk just outside our house, waiting while Melinda ran inside to get a sweater. It was right around noon and I loved how the sun was shining through our front fence. It was exactly that kind of a love-hate day, hints of both July and October.

Your thoughts?

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