Day 74 (12 September 2010) – YMCA

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to Romain’s 18th birthday party last night. It was, in a word, incredible. French parents throw a monster party for their children for their 18th birthday, inviting family and friends. Frédérique and Laurent went all out. The food was absolutely incredible. There were multiple courses (of course), “Happy Birthday” sung in English, followed by cake. There was a slide show of photos from Romain’s life that even included pictures on Melinda’s parent’s boat! Then the living room was transformed into a disco and dancing ensued. I caught this picture of Chloe, Ella and Melinda doing the “YMCA.”

Everyone in attendance was so, so nice and I got quite the French immersion lesson. We met Laurent’s parents and sisters for the first time, as well as the families of longtime acquaintances of the Boudeaus. Late in the evening I noticed the younger kids feeling a bit left out so rounded them up and went outside, doing my best to tell the frightening story of “Old One Eye.” I think my butchering the French language made the scary story too funny for anyone to be even remotely scared.

Um, we didn’t get home until 3am and then were back for brunch at 11. It’s an early bedtime tonight.

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