Day 101 (9 October 2010) – Rock ‘n Roll High School

I’m taking liberties with this post to talk about something we actually did last night and not today. Given the significance of it, I trust you sticklers for detail, especially this year’s model, will forgive me. Believe me, writing it allows me to get happy or, as I could say, my aim is true. Please don’t call out the armed forces or I’ll be almost blue.

Okay, enough of that…

Yes, we threw a Rock ‘n Roll High School party last night! It was specifically for Max, who turned 15 last week and, as you may remember, was spotted a couple of weeks back by Melinda and me wearing a Ramones t-shirt. After that encounter I hurried to make Max a mixed CD of music and then ordered a used copy of the classic Rock ‘n Roll High School movie from 1979 through Amazon UK (view the trailer). Last night was the long-awaited viewing. Max arrived in full regalia, Ramones T-shirt, jeans, and a great leather jacket he received from his parents for his birthday (Christine, his mom, is Ms. eBay – she not only found Max’s jacket on eBay but picks up vintage dresses, too). In the photo you’ll recognize Chloe and Ella, of course, and Max in the center. That’s Théo on the far left and Celeste next to him. Youngest sister Claire missed out on the photo. I may have been threatening to tear holes in the knees of her jeans about then.

What a fine time we (or at least Max and I) had. Melinda and I provided nachos and popcorn, and Max’s family brought these incredible homemade brownies and pop. I had to work on not jabbering throughout the movie, although I do admit to an occasional quiet hiss emitting from my throat when Principal Togar was on screen and singing along with “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.”

Your thoughts?

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