Day 102 (10 October 2010) – C’est Pareil and Séparer

Dear Frédérique,

I’m looking through the window (je regarde par la fenêtre), thinking about what a fine time Melinda and I had today. We enjoyed watching you finish the race, but most of all we enjoyed laughing with you Laurent, Sandrine and the other Laurent. But it’s time to stop laughing (arrête de rire) now and fix your Laurent a Sunday dinner.

Me, I’m getting a little nervous about going to sleep tonight. In fact, I’m sooo scared (j’ai très très peur) that I might have a nightmare about your French lessons. There are all those words with double L’s that sound like long E’s to me, except for the exceptions, of course. Then there are the R words. I swear I’m going to become fluent in French speaking only words that do not have the letter R.

If you are confused by this letter, I suggest you watch this video.

Sincerely yours,


PS -To recap, since c’est pareil and séparer sound different, I have to say “la même chose” and not “la même” when Melinda orders a Ricard, right?

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