Day 103 (11 October 2010) – Sunday’s Lunch

You may recall that John’s family made us a lovely meal in early September, complete with a fancy cake and everything. At that meal, we mentioned that Ella and I were on a French cheeseburger quest. In true neighborly fashion, they offered to make us cheeseburgers in the near future, with teenagers Benoît and Alexandre taking on the cooking duties. Yesterday they delivered on that offer and in fine fashion, I may add.

The photo I’m using to illustrate this kindness is of Céline and Ella just after having been served by Benoît and before taking their first bites. As you might guess, the smiles grew wider as the bites were taken. The boys are fine chefs and the fact that we got to benefit from their ability is pretty satisfying.

Because of various other commitments (homework for some, babysitting for Chloe), the lunch party decreased in size after eating, but I got to play a game of snooker with John & Benoît. Melinda and Anne-Marie watched the nail-biting match. I have enjoyed my snooker lessons and am looking forward to learning the rules of rugby from John in the near future. I think my lessons will involve watching that sport on TV rather than playing…

Your thoughts?

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