Day 126 (3 November 2010) – Trip to the Library

I’m excited to tell you that the Nantes Library System has upped the number of items a person can check out at one time. Entirely in French today, I learned I can now have out 15 items, no more than two of them being fiction DVDs (which you find in the “Adult Film” section of the nearby branch, by the way). This is good news for me, as I like to check out several things at once. Today it was some French music CDs, a French documentary called “Dix-Sept Ans” (17 Years-Old), as well as the “The Pied Piper” (starring Donovan!) and “The Truman Show” (yes, the American movie ) as my “adult films.”

I walked to the library and encountered an area near a high school with short statements painted on a series of posts and railings. Today’s photo is of the one with my favorite sentiment. I thought it made for a rather arty photograph. It’s certainly easy enough to translate the expression je t’aime (I love you), although I’m not sure why there are two “I’s.” The heart also seems simple enough given the message, but I admit I needed help with the < 3 comment. My math brain saw that as "less than 3." Melinda just told me it's a sideways heart, an emoticon! I knew I married her for some reason.

Sideways heart to you, Melinda!

Your thoughts?

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