Day 127 (4 November 2010) – Basketball Jones

So I’ve been “jonesing” to play a little solo roundball and today finally did it. I took my blue Decathalon basketball and put on my red & black Decathalon basketball shoes. I boarded a tram in the direction of Orvault/Grand Val, knowing there was an outdoor court along the line. All the while, I was humming, “Basketball Jones, I got a basketball jones.”

I exited at Le Cardo and wandered around in search of the court, zigging and zagging in the neighborhood until I found it. It was a classic outdoor court. No nets, with a weathered surface full of cracks, wet from rain, and covered in leaves. I slipped and slopped up and down the court for 45 minutes, giving myself a workout in the late morning balmy Nantes weather. It was fun. My hands were filthy afterwards. I felt just like a kid. Of course, now I’m a little tired and my right knee is sore. That’s more like being 47, I guess.

For a little fun, go listen to this version of “Basketball Jones” performed by Chris Rock and Barry White, a dynamic duo. While listening, picture me swishing a baseline jumper.

Your thoughts?

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