Day 131 (8 November 2010) – In the Neighborhood

Like many “older” people in France do, this couple was spotted in our neighborhood today pulling their caddies down the street. They were undoubtedly on the way to the grocery store for supplies. Overhearing their conversation, it sounded as if they were low on beer, which seemed to be distressing the gentleman. I wonder how much he can put in his caddy before it gets too hard to pull? Indeed, this is a matter of consequence. The woman was trying to tell him that there are more important things than beer (just look at her expression) and wanted to find out if the store sold ground turkey. Ground turkey? Who in France has heard of ground turkey? What’s next, ground rabbit? Crazy.

Melinda and I followed along behind them and I took this picture. We even got on Line 2 of the tram with them and showed them how to get a grocery cart and stow their caddies at the large grocery store at the end of the line. I tried to explain that I have not seen ground turkey in France. I pointed out all the ground beef varieties, even the ground veal and pork. But she seemed to have her heart set on ground turkey. Fortunately, recommending beer was much easier. The monsieur was quite content with my recommendation of Pelforth Brune.

Taking pity on this couple, we invited them back to our house for dinner. But I had to sneak away to post to the blog tonight. You see, they’re quite talkative. Well, the woman is, anyway. The man is pretty quiet. But they seem to think they belong here, like they’re family or something. Oh well, we’ve got a little extra space and they do seem nice enough. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Your thoughts?

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