Day 132 (9 November 2010) – American Dinner

I just caught my mom in the kitchen, as you can see. From the position of her hands, I think she may have been pretending to wash some large item, maybe a watermelon or something. Perhaps she was bored and trying to keep herself occupied. I don’t know. At least she is smiling.

Seriously, right now we are in the midst of fixing dinner. I had been planning to make chicken, potatoes and broccoli, what sounds very American to me. But my mom’s suggestion clearly put it over the top in terms of making it an American meal. In fact, I dare say we may be the only people in all of France who are having chopped chicken breast that was coated in a bag of potato chips crushed by a rolling pin. Cue laugh track.

Chloe walked in while my mom was crushing the potato chips and asked her what she was making. My dad replied, “Crumbs.” Cue laugh track again.

Perhaps now you will better understand my fascination with old American TV shows. I grew up in a situation comedy.

2 thoughts on “Day 132 (9 November 2010) – American Dinner

  1. Just wondering how long your guests are staying…..they don’t seem to have taken their coats off much since they arrived. Obviously unsure of the duration of their visit!

  2. Andy, Your blog brings me great joy and makes me laugh on a daily basis…thank you for letting us live vicariously through you and your Great French Adventure. Please give my love to your mom and dad, two of the finest people around, and sort of why I know about you and your blog at all (that, and my husband’s a teacher who admires PSCS). Cheers!

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