Day 136 (13 November 2010) – Update on the Babysitter Americaine II

So about an hour ago I met Chloe at the house of one of the families she babysits. That’s Luce in the foreground and Zacharie in the back. Luce is 3 years-old and was quite excited to tell me many things in French when I arrived. It was raining and I was wet when I arrived so I stood on the porch and “chatted.” Luce, like I said. had a lot to tell me. I didn’t understand much but I do think she referred to me as “monsieur.” Zacharie, age 5, was quite excited because he just got a camera and was really wanting to tell me about it. I thought I might engage him on the subject of photography and quickly took out my cell phone to take this picture. But he was gone seconds later, only to return with a pillow. I learned from Penelope, Luce’s and Zacharie’s mom, that there are different words for a pillow you place on your couch and one you sleep on in your bed.

Changing subjects, we had chili for dinner tonight, courtesy of my mother. She has been emailing my brother, Scott, for his recipe as it one of Ella’s favorite meals. She has asked repeatedly if we could make “Scott’s chili.” While tonight’s dinner was good, it didn’t meet the “Scott standard” so, Scott, your favored chili status is intact.

All in all, it’s been a pretty lazy Saturday in Nantes. It continues to be rainy and windy so we’ve taken it easy. Other than Chloe’s babysitting, the big event of the day was my dad and me venturing out to the centreville library to pick up a Harry Potter book in English for Ella. You know, the new movie will be out in a couple of weeks and she is getting fired up.

3 thoughts on “Day 136 (13 November 2010) – Update on the Babysitter Americaine II

  1. isn’t the Harry potter movie release coming to Europe later than US? that’s what I heard. Antonia is only up to HP2 though..

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