Day 137 (14 November 2010) – Taking Aim

I know what you’re thinking and it doesn’t look good for Ella. Just look at her, quickly packing the cannon for a shot at Grandad who, clearly, is an easy target. Do you think my parents have worn out their welcome? Did my dad say something that offended her? Just what is going on here?

And look at my mom in her purple jacket and white hat & gloves. Is that a smile on her face? Could she have put Ella up to this? Perhaps 52 years of marriage has taken its toll and she somehow possessed her granddaughter to take aim at her husband. Again, just what is going on here?

And off in the distance is Melinda (you may have to click on the photo to enlarge it in order to see her). Her back to the unfolding drama, could she be feigning indifference to what is happening behind her? Upon closer examination you may be able to see she is reading a sun dial. Perhaps she is trying to record the exact moment of this terrible action in order to construct an alibi? Just what is going on?

And what about me? Have I got nothing better to do than take this picture of my daughter as she engages in this most despicable act, that of annihilating my father? Shouldn’t I be dropping the camera and running to his aid while doing something parental with my obviously confused daughter? Indeed, just what IS going on?

Oh, Melinda had the idea that we should say goodbye today to rainy and windy Nantes and all take the train to the coast. So Ella, Melinda & I took my parents on a day trip to the town of Le Croisic (Chloe was babysitting).

And when the officers come and ask what was going on today I will tell them what I will now use to close this blog posting, “I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me.”

Your thoughts?

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