Day 138 (15 November 2010) – Frozen Granny

I hereby dedicate this posting to all of my parents’ grandchildren, Jessica, Stephanie, Nick, Tammy, Chloe, Ella & Olivia (although something tells me that Tammy will get the biggest chuckle out of it).

Melinda, my parents & I just returned from Picard, the grocery store that sells nothing but frozen food. And this is not your grandmother’s frozen food, let me tell you. No fish sticks and Swanson TV dinners, for instance. If such a thing exists, Picard provides gourmet frozen food. Anyway, as we were getting ready to check out, loaded as we were with our frozen duck, our frozen molten lava chocolate-caramel cake, and our frozen artichoke hearts, my dad appeared with this item. I called my mother over to have her pose for this photo (note, I cropped out her head in order to better ensure you could read the container). Yes, we found frozen Granny (sorbet). I don’t know how many Grannys it takes to make a container this size, and I assume the sweetness factor is determined by the character of the Granny being used. If you read carefully, you’ll notice that this one even comes with pieces (avec morceaux) of Granny. I suppose you can blend it if you prefer your frozen Granny to be a little smoother.

Also, this particular variety is an off-green color. Undoubtedly, if we made sorbet out of our Granny, it would be purple.

One thought on “Day 138 (15 November 2010) – Frozen Granny

  1. Very nice Andy 🙂 Sorry I’m way behind and didn’t get to this post until today! Miss you guys and hope all is well!!

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