Day 141 (18 November 2010) – Southwest Duck Legs

We shipped Granny & Grandad back to Seattle this morning, sneaking them out of Nantes well before the sun was up. I’m not sure what it was they did that required the clandestine getaway and that’s probably for the best. When I’m called to testify I won’t know anything. Oh, a big tip of the hat to our neighbor John who drove the getaway car. And a big thank you to Granny & Grandad for their visit. You are great house guests!

To adjust to life in Nantes without Granny & Grandad, I made southwest duck legs for dinner. What made these duck legs southwest, I’m not sure. Maybe they quacked with an accent or something. And truthfully, all I did was heat them up in the oven. We bought them during our trip to Picard earlier this week (you know, the gourmet frozen food store).

I wanted to try this dish ever since the incredible dinner we had at the Boudeaus last Thursday. Frédérique and Laurent invited us over to meet my parents and show them some French hospitality, and Frédérique served something similar (her southwest duck legs were much better, by the way). Frédérique, Chloe wanted to know where the fruit course was tonight. Like a good father, I turned the question back on her. She has hands and knows how to use a knife.

If you liked yesterday’s post, I managed to post the video I referenced. Check it out here and pay attention to the second rower from the left at the 7 second mark, poor girl.

Your thoughts?

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