Day 142 (19 November 2010) – The Name Game

Melinda Melinda bo Belinda! Banana fanna fo Felinda! Fe fi mo Melinda! MELINDA!

For quite some time I’ve had this idea to dedicate a post here to each of our names. The idea came to me when I saw Chloe’s name up on a billboard promoting perfume or something. I hinted at this with food names that contain the letters E, L, L & A (in order, of course). Finding my name proved easier than I thought. The tough one was Melinda’s. Having found it, it’s time to start the series.

And having found Melinda’s name most recently, I’ll begin with hers. This photo was taken last Sunday at a gift shop in Le Croisic, the city on the coast we visited with my parents. Indeed, that’s Melinda’s name on this bowl, although the use of it is less for something like soup or cereal and more for your morning warm drink. You know, you need a bowl of café au lait to get you going in the morning, right?

What also made finding this particular bowl with Melinda’s name of it so surprising for us is the one underneath. That’s Melinda’s mom’s name, Michele, spelled correctly with just one L. And given all the times in her life that people have wanted to call Melinda Melissa, the bowl above seemed apt, too.

Having gotten this started, it’s time to sing now. Can’t figure it out? Here’s some help.

Your thoughts?

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