Day 144 (21 November 2010) – Sports Sunday

As they used to say before a Sonics game, when there was a Sonics team, “Let’s get ready to rummmmmmm-ble!” And I hereby interrupt the Name Game to introduce you to this attractive Frenchmen dressed in blue. Indeed, that’s Romain, #13 for Nantes taking on the pesky #4 for Rezé. #4 is quick off the dribble so Romain is playing him loosely here outside the 3 point line. I wish I had a photo of Romain “stuffing” (blocking the shot) #4 or the other Rezé guard, then grabbing the ball and leading the resulting fast break. Romain dished at the last second to a teammate who came dashing up the left wing for an easy lay-in. A blocked shot, a forced turnover, and an assist for Romain all in a span of about 10 seconds. Regarding scoring, he finished with 10 points. Regarding the game, Nantes put a licking on Rezé, blowing them out by over 30 points.

Melinda and I took the tram (Lines 1 & 2) to an area of town we had not been before in order to see Romain’s game today. Before the game, I wanted to take a little walk so I caught the tram, and met Melinda, at a stop further along the line. I walked past the racetrack as a race was taking place (part of my plan, of course). Then I walked past the ice skating rink and peered in the window to see a junior hockey game going on. Minutes later I met Melinda on the tram and together we went on to Romain’s game. So in a short span of time today I saw a horse race, a hockey game, and a basketball game. Not bad.

Your thoughts?

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