Day 143 (20 November 2010) – Andy, Andy…

I took this picture way back in the summer on one of my many excursions. At the time I had no real hope of finding any kind of place with my name on it. I figured I could “cheat” and use André or something. But there I was, having gotten off of a bus and was walking toward a grocery store I wanted to visit and I found this shop. If you can’t tell, it’s a hairdressing salon.

Studying the window on the right, you will see that a man’s haircut is 18€, a woman’s is 26.50€, and a massage for either a man or woman is 32€. Those are very reasonable prices, I think, although Melinda tells me one can’t really judge the reasonableness of a haircut until you see it. I think I know what she means. When she and the girls go out to get their hair done and I hear how much it costs, I offer to do it for half the price. They never take me up on the offer, even though it would save them a lot of money.

Seeing this picture makes me think that I should consider getting my hair cut again. Since I’m keeping it short, it needs to be cut more often (duh). I wonder if I go in singing the Name Game and tell them that my name is Andy I’ll get a discount. More likely, they’ll charge me more or just kick me out…

Andy Andy bo Bandy! Banana fanna fo Fandy! Fe fi mo Mandy! ANDY!

Your thoughts?

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