Day 153 (30 November 2010) – The Return of the Name Game

Today we focus on Chloe, the easiest of our four names to find in France. Truth be told, it’s accurate to say that Chloe is everywhere. On billboards, in stores, everywhere! Here in our house, at the University of Nantes, yup, everywhere! Don’t believe me, check this out. Yes it’s true, Chloe even has her own website.

One thing to keep in mind, and those of you that know her are fully aware of this, Chloe is very classy. Want to smell like Chloe? The LEAST expensive way to do this is online but it will still set you back at least 80 bucks. Shoes are over $200. Bags, nearly $400! How about a pretty dress, you say? Here’s one reduced to $340.

Listen, I have an in with Chloe so let me know if you want an autograph or something. I’m pretty sure I can get one of those for you for less than than $100.

Expensive Expensive bo Bexpensive! Banana fanna fo Fexpensive! Fe fi mo Mexpensive! EXPENSIVE!

2 thoughts on “Day 153 (30 November 2010) – The Return of the Name Game

  1. I’m guessing there are precious few “Stacia” photo ops over there. Might have to go to Russia for a shot at those. 😛 I did see an “Arabella” shop in Bellingham when we were up there for Thanksgiving and thanks to these posts, immediately thought of Ella. 😀

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