Day 154 (1 December 2010) – It’s Ella’s Turn!

If you look at this post from September you may argue that Ella’s already had her turn. But when you look at today’s picture, you could also argue that it is a bit of a cop-out and thus Ella deserves another turn.

Anyway, like I said back in September, the four letters e-l-l-a in that order are quite easy to find. But rarely are they alone. They are a part of a lot of words, but in France I have not found something that singles out Ella as a name. One of my favorites with her name embedded is a store called Cuisinella, which I first learned of while attending a hockey game. The name was on the boards that surround the ice, an ad. See, those ads work! Melinda and I recently saw the actual store but haven’t been in it yet.

Of course there are all the food items, many of which have been mentioned here. But I’ve chosen to isolate a dessert disguised as a breakfast cereal. And, really, what could be better than a combination of chocolate and Ella. I think that may be Ella’s idea of heaven (but do you think a food product with the word “choke” in its name would sell well in the U.S.?).

Chokella Chokella bo Bokella! Banana fanna fo Fokella! Fe fi mo Mokella! CHOKELLA!

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