Day 155 (2 December 2010) – 20th Anniversary Month

Melinda and I were married on December 31, 1990 so that means it will be 20 years on the 31st. IF WE MAKE IT. To better ensure the marriage holds up for another 29 days we are doing several things. Of course, there is this sabbatical thing going on. But that’s a big thing and easy to forget when the trash needs taking out or the dishes are piling up or whatever else may keep us from making it to the end of the month in a still-married state. So we are also doing some smaller things on a daily basis that make trash piles, dirty dishes and whatever else less significant, if you know what I mean. One involves taking a walk every day (together). On the walk we actually talk to each other. And get this, Melinda is really funny! Who knew?!

On top of walks, we are also going out to eat (together). Given we are in France, we are eating in French restaurants, too. That works out so slick! And if eating in French restaurants can’t keep the spark alive, I don’t know what can. Today we went to a wonderful restaurant in Nantes called “Chez Maman” and had a delicious lunch. What fun we had (together), just the two of us.

After lunch we wandered around town. Melinda talked me in to going into a department store because she’s looking for a bag and a wallet. She really liked one bag for 795€ but decided to pass on that. Apparently it had ingenius straps or something. I figure for that kind of money it should be able to take out the trash, wash dishes, and otherwise do whatever else might need to get done. While she was looking at less expensive options I spotted this mannequin couple celebrating something. Given our upcoming event, I decided to think it was their 20th anniversary, too. I suggested to Melinda that a photo of the happy mannequin couple would make a good one to use here on the blog on the 31st but she just walked away from me. So to keep marital bliss, and the chances good on reaching 20 years married, I’m using it today. See how smart I am??

One thought on “Day 155 (2 December 2010) – 20th Anniversary Month

  1. Who would have known you were so funny? I HAD to read this post to my husband of 46 years! I do believe we look a lot like your manekin couple, with their light hair! Well, ours is mostly gray and white! Well, and both of us are not so thin! Only my husband is still at his marriage weight! I never lost my second-baby bulge! Bad tecnhique on his part! People of equal weight for height make it longer I am sure!

    More to your point of the post, we have very set jobs — he almost will not let me touch the dishwasher, which can be annoying in itself. And I refuse to touch the sweeper! God Forbid if I use his TOOL!!!

    Real advice is to join a book group together! We both love talking about good books! Of course I have to sit on him because he wants to reply to every comment made in his customarily detailed lawyer-ly style! Whereas I want to cut to the chase in my “let’s get it done.” Of course you might have problems with a FRENCH book group. You would probably have to “listen” more which really is the best advice I can give you. Listen! Listen! Listen! Even when you think you have heard it all before. If my husband would quit trying to fix my problems and listen “ad nauseum” I think we could make it another twenty years like both our parents who were married over sixty years!!! Bonne Chance!!

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