Day 157 (4 December 2010) – Christmas Cookies!

Just seconds ago I took this picture of Stephanie and Chloe. That’s Stephanie on the left, in case you can’t tell. I wanted to take a picture that included more of them than their arms and hands, but Chloe wasn’t having that. So you get more of a close-up.

Of greater interest anyway is what their hands are doing. They are making Christmas cookies, of course! We don’t have any cookie cutters so they are using whatever they can find to make shapes, including a wine bottle to roll out the dough. So far I’ve mainly seen things with round shapes, like snowmen, that are easy to make with drinking glasses. They are very proud of their “flower power” cookie made out of circles of different sizes. And I’m not sure how they did it, but they made a Christmas tree, too. Maybe with a knife? I don’t know. I never was very good with shapes. You remember when you had to manipulate shapes in your head to make an imaginary box or something? What had that to do with anything?

Fortunately, the shapes Stephanie and Chloe are making will soon come out of the oven. And then the only manipulating I have to do is with my teeth

Your thoughts?

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