Day 158 (5 December 2010) – Girls! Girls! Girls!

I could just as easily have called this post Cake! Cake! Cake! or Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! but I decided Girls! Girls! Girls! was catchier. Not only is it the title of an old Elvis Presley movie, it better represents the content of this photo. I assume you all recognize Ella (on the far left) and Chloe (second from the right). That’s Stephanie on the far right and Manon between Ella and Chloe.

I took the photo at the Boudeaus, from where we just returned (hence the late posting). We were invited over for the Sunday goûter, which consisted of Cake! Cake! Cake! and Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!. Manon made a chocolate cake and Frédérique made a lemon cake. The cookies were of the Christmas variety and were those made yesterday by Chloe, Stephanie and Ella. In addition to the cake and cookies, the girls had bowls of Hot Chocolate! Hot Chocolate! Hot Chocolate! Which means everyone consumed a lot of Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!

I trust that explains the repetition and the exclamation points.

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