Day 159 (6 December 2010) – Pain au Chocolat

Before we left for France several people predicted that we’d likely put on a few pounds if we weren’t careful. You know, all the great breads and cheeses and delicious French cuisine. So we’ve tried to be very mindful about what we eat. Still, if we’re being honest here, it may be true that an extra half pound or so may have found its way on one of us (I’m not saying who!).

So to keep an eye on our weight, we play some games. Admittedly, these are more games with words than anything else but, hey, at least they’re funny. For instance, the delicious flaky pastry you see in today’s photo is called a “Pain au Chocolat.” Literally, that’s “bread at chocolate” or, obviously, “Chocolate Bread.” Yes, it’s incredibly delicious, especially when you get one straight from the oven. And with bakeries located approximately every 5 feet on any street, that’s pretty easy. Just how much butter do you think is needed to make it so flaky? Anyway, we have a new translation, one in our invented language of “Franglais.” “Pain au Chocolat” is “Pain of Chocolate.” See if that doesn’t slow you down from eating your fourth or fifth, washed down with a steamy cup of thick hot chocolate soup.

Still, if the “pain of chocolate” isn’t enough we have a couple other phrases to help. Take your pick from: “Pastry to the waistry,” “Apply to the thigh,” and “Goûter (sounds like gootay) to the booty (say as bootay).” With phrases like these I think I should write a diet book (oh, a diet in French is a “régime” – perfect!). After my book climbs to Amazon’s bestseller list I’m sure to get on Oprah. Can’t you hear “pastry to the waistry” appealing to Oprah?

Your thoughts?

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