Day 165 (12 December 2010) – Go Ahead, Celebrate Big

So what are your plans for the 31st? I know it’s a big event every year all around the world. Lots of parties, special menus in restaurants, even fireworks in some places. Melinda and I try to be humble about it, all these events being scheduled to celebrate our anniversary. But this year we are accepting them as they come. I mean it’s our 20th, after all. And we’re in France! Everyone should be having a good time!

Yes it’s true, we took that faithful leap on December 31, 1990 and what a fun ride it has been since then. 20 years multiplied by 365 days equals a total of 7300 dinners. And for us, this one coming up is an important one, hence the need to consult our local restaurant experts. Here are Frédérique and Melinda, together in our home an hour or so ago reviewing restaurants in Nantes up for consideration. When I took this picture, Laurent was sitting across the room next to me assisting with the suggestions.

So make sure you do something fun, too, to celebrate our anniversary. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a party or an event. Lots of them are being planned. Check your local listings. You may see them referenced as “New Year’s Eve” or something like that but don’t let the title fool you. You know what’s up and why the extravagant events. You read it here.

2 thoughts on “Day 165 (12 December 2010) – Go Ahead, Celebrate Big

  1. We have what has sometimes turned out to be a difficult situation on our anniversary as we chose to get married on January 1. New Year’s Eve there are all kinds of fun things to do and great meals offered, but on Jan 1 it can be difficult to find a restaurant open. However, we have always managed somehow — even celebrating early or late works for us!

    Flexibility is an important part of marriage so we have never felt like there was any real problem. Sometimes having popcorn and a bottle of champagne which we finish up after the New Year’s Celebrations gets us to the 1st and our anniversay, which it seems everyone is celebrating with us! Have a wonderful and special twentieth!!!

  2. (Catching up on reading you blog, I so far behind)
    Just to help things along or make you feel older or something, there were also some dinners on February 29th to count in there too.

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