Day 166 (13 December 2010) – You May Already Be a Winner!

That’s Melinda, raising the self-scanning device at Leclerc in celebration. You might think it was some kind of an award, like an Oscar or something, given Melinda’s happy expression. Can’t you just hear her acceptance speech:

“Wow, I can’t believe I really won this thing. After months of grocery store shopping and having to wait in long lines, all it took was a short interview with a Leclerc hostess who explained everything to me. In French, no less. And I understood her! I filled out some paperwork, also in French, then was registered to use one of these devices. The hostess showed me how to scan my store card, which frees up one of the devices, connecting it to my card. Get this. It lights up along the wall, like you’ve won some kind of Las Vegas-style game. Now as I shop, I scan each item before putting it in my cart. When I arrive to check-out at one of the registers reserved for self-scanners like myself, I am whisked through, only needing the checker to scan my card to reveal the total of my purchase which I then pay with my French credit card. Crazy, it’s so simple. I’d like to thank my parents for raising such a smart daught…”

At that point the orchestra would likely start playing and Melinda would be escorted away from the microphone, self-scanner in hand, undoubtedly off to buy more groceries.

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