Day 170 (17 December 2010) – Peeping Andy

So here I am in Paris, a city full of incredible sites, and I spot this very attractive, elegant-looking window in a beautiful older building. I think to myself, “I’d like to have a photo of that window,” so I wander over to snap one. Just inside was this serious looking man, obviously hard at work. Do you think I bothered him? Oh, well. As any good member of the paparazzi knows, there are no restrictions when it comes to getting a potentially valuable photo.

Okay, so I made most of that up. Well, at least the part implying that I’m a member of paparazzi (Chloe may disagree). The real story is that this window is part of our apartment, and the hard-working man inside is Melinda’s dad, Dwight. Among many interesting things about our apartment is that this window actually looks out into the carriage entrance, complete with cobblestones. We are staying in a renovated townhouse that has enough historical significance to be included in a book called “The Marais.” The book mentions that “a substantial Louis XV staircase at the end of a deep vestibule has survived.” The paparazzi intend to take some photos on that staircase, I’m sure.

Among many interesting things about Dwight is that at 4:47pm Paris time each day he connects via Skype to a friend in Seattle who is connected to an amateur radio network to which Dwight belongs, a creative way that allows Dwight to participate from France. Today’s photo was taken from the carriage entrance of our apartment, just after that daily conversation had concluded.

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