Day 169 (16 December 2010) – Shaw Show Chaud Noël

Bun-Bun agreed to stay in the apartment with Other Bunny today, freeing the rest of us to go exploring in Paris. We walked to the nearest Métro station and made the underground trek to one of the fabulous shopping areas in town, emerging above ground just outside the stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. Both stores have amazing outdoor window displays designed to delight the children. And, indeed, Perrin was especially delighted, moving from window to window with eager anticipation. She was gracious enough to turn around from looking at this window to pose with her cousins for this photo. Then it was back to the exciting window displays.

Galeries Lafayette is referring to their window display this year as “Show Chaud Noël.” That’s a “Franglais” expression, putting the English word “Show” and the French word “Chaud” back-to-back, a clever combination because the two words are pronounced exactly the same way. Noël is French for Christmas so the translation is simply “Hot Christmas Show.” If you want, check out a video explaining this (in French). Today, given the presence of the Shaw family, I officially declare it the “Shaw Show Chaud Noël!”

By the way, Galeries Lafayette is also known for the huge Christmas tree that decorates the center of the store each holiday season. It really is spectacular. You can get a glimpse of it in the video I linked above.

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